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Message from the Director

In recent years, various activities such as economics, politics, culture and sports have become more global. Medicine and health care have also entered a new era for people to cross national borders for seeking higher levels of skill, safety and confidence beyond. Osaka University Hospital established the Center for Global Health in the Department of Medical Innovation on April 1, 2013, in order to adapt to medical globalization and to promote “global health”.
As inbound fields, we coordinate with each department in the hospital in order to accept patients from abroad or with limited Japanese proficiency and overseas medical professionals who wish training / observer-ship. In the field of education and research, we offer both undergraduate and graduate education program to foster human resources for global and innovative medicine in collaboration with all faculties which are versed in foreign languages and international fields. In outbound fields, we have been integrated with our Global Clinical Research Support Office since May 1, 2018 to actively promote international development of clinical research projects, both on-campus and off-campus.
We constantly strive to improve our services toward taking an initiative for global development of medicine together in cooperation with related domestic and overseas institutions. Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

Multifaceted efforts to globalize health care
AdvisorYoshiki SawaProfessor
DirectorKen NakataProfessor
Vice DirectorDaisaku NakataniAssociate Professor
Noriko InoueSpecially Appointed Associate Professor
Vice DirectorRie OgasawaraSpecially Appointed Associate Professor(Lecturer)
Vice DirectorYu MoriguchiSpecially Appointed Associate Professor(Lecturer)
Subhash Revankar Gajanan​Specially Appointed Assistant Professor​
Kota FuruyaVisiting Academic Staff
Toshio IshiiSpecially Appointed
Technical Staff
Rika GuzmanSpecially Appointed Administrative Staff
Jun WenSpecially Appointed Administrative Staff
Mika SonodaSpecially Appointed Administrative Staff
Yasuko TominagaSpecially Appointed Administrative Staff